Some interesting new releases in 2018

It’s sad that on this forum you have to make the precision. :tm:

Yeah on your next ayahuasca session they’re coming to get you :wink:

Nah man.
Just facts.

P.S. you also need to specify whether the said woman has a vagina or penis 8)

Will they bring along the spiritual entity of Ignaz Friedman along?
I’d feel da presence of a warm glowing bass sonority

Good grief - hasn’t Murray Perahia retired yet? He’s been playing like he’s sat in a lounge chair with a blanket over his knees since he won the Leeds.


Claudio Arrau - Recitals 1954/1960/1963–claudio-arrau-recitals-1954-1960-1963

Sofya Gulyak - Ciaccone–chaconne-sofya-gulyak

Barenboim - Debussy Preludes Book 1, Estampes etc.–daniel-barenboim-claude-debussy

Bavouzet - Grieg Concerto–grieg-piano-concerto-incidental-music-to-peer-gynt

Arrau here will be old news to CA collectors alas, but it’s good to see this nonetheless. SWR appear to have a bit of a BBC Legends thing running at the moment.

I can’t think of anything less interesting than hearing Barenboim play Debussy. :comme:


Well it’s on DG. Their ability to make tasteful decisions is long in the past. It’s just more evidence of shill & money-grabbing behaviour.

Gulyak is one hell of a pianist.
Heard her live - amazingly clear tone, well thought through interp and all over polished style. Ridiculously good.

Honestly I find these sort of themed discs gimmicky, however she’s an excellent pianist so I’ll probably give it a listen on Spotify.

Man… She looks like she’s taken out of a baroque painting.

I really like her idea of putting all these Chaconne’s!

It’s a similar idea to the one for Edna Stern’s Chaconne CD, where she played a bunch of different arrangements of the Bach Violin Chaconne.

and Lewenthal had a Toccatas album too IIRC.

That I didn’t know!

VBM and Henri Demarquette are releasing a chamber disc this Friday: … B077MT8ZB4

And for the French speakers, doing promo for the CD on France Musique: … eaux-54689

I actually don’t like hearing her speak French so much due to her strong Italian accent.

xzc d a J E R O M A H 321R O Z E playing anything 8)
I need to remove this in a few hours just in case.

Hamelin’s new disc will be Schubert!–schubert-piano-sonata-no-21-four-impromptus-d935

oh look at the clock time for bed