Somone shud wirte...

…a serious dissertation on why interwebz piano forums, (aside from here of course :smiley: ) suck so hard.

This place hasn’t exactly been on cracking form the past year…

tru, but at least it hasn’t been a complete crap fest of pretentiousness. :gav:

the “research” would kill me; imagine interviewing all those pianoforum and pianoworld members or reading through their posts. Ugh. :unamused:

^^^^gud point^^^^ :whale: :whale: :lib:

hahahah i read thiz beauty ovah on tha 88ztreet earliah:

ahahahah wut :dong:

dayum i’m never too bored to even go back there 8)

da russian scriabin, tru :lib:

hahaha that made me LOL

but concur with da anima, haven’t even looked at that site since 07. 8)


wud my thesis adviser approve?
how about a thesis on TRUMOFO and da SDC invasion 2004-2017.

5 years later, still makes me laugh. :whale:

hahaha da russian scriabin.

who iz Scriabin? 8)