Steinway Produces Lang Lang Pianos

yep, no kidding…

So… except Steinway, Boston, Essex, Lang Lang brand pianos will be produced in the Steinway factory… not some special edition, but will be a constantly produced regular brand… comes in different sizes, too… they just signed the contract wiz LL in April… i don’t yet know information on the prices and the technical aspects, and when they’ll be seen on the market, etc. … only know that the 1st Lang Lang piano will be in the show room in Shanghai in the coming August (or around that)

OK… actually there’re a lot of LL news, and I hate to post them all here, coz i kno there’re ppl who dislike LL’s beautiful name :frowning: . Ish illegal, but tru… so… we’re actually sending out LLCC News each week, including LL news and general classical music news… if you’re interested, plz email me to subscribe:

and that saves my thread posting energy too… da environmental way to go…

tiz shaped lyk a dongah i reckon.

:laughing: HA.Langlang is just a virtuoso, and I dislike him for his too fast fingers…


not that i hate LL, but steinway has sunken to new low…



vell… atleast da BOSENDORFER ztill haff dignity 8)

my thoughts exactly

im sure koji iz excited about this newz

So we still have our Faziolis and Bosies.

bechztein iz alzo a mofo piano :wibi:

most of proffesors in Poland own Bechsteins . they are very good roomy

i need to change my alias

LangLangModelD :dong:

i fuckin love Bechstein.

When I baught my piano there was a Bechstein that was 60,000… easily killed the Steinways in its price range.

o god

i zhall never laid a fingah on a steinway evah again :frowning:

tiz pozz da best 88 evah produced out there in da mkt right now.


hahahahahahHAHAHAH da kritty dongah converzion

zarcaztic CG

o pozzibly