Strauss Paraphrases & Transcriptions


It is GENSUI but da climax a mild letdown

Let moi illustrate
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Me neither. I suppose it depends on your strengths. DJ has that long chromatic thirds passage which always scared me (think there’s one in chords too, can’t remember exactly). Figaro has a fair amount of thirds too, but they’re all descending iirc, and I always found those easier. Figaro has a lot of those alternating chords technique, which I’ve never worked on much (there’s a little in Rach 1 but that’s virtually it from the pieces I’ve played). Musically, DJ is better music, even if the la ci darem la mano variations go on too long. Figaro, you can treat as a pure etude, you probably can’t with DJ.

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I’m not a big fan of the extended middle sect of the Fingaro (sic), da Petri cuts some of it and it is better that way, imho

I suppose with that piece, you have more of a carte blanche to do what you want.

Tru, even moreso cuz tiz a heavy Busoni reworking anyway

I think DJ > tanned ho, but that’s largely because the last third of tanned ho goes on and on and on, imo.

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Fwiw, this is my favourite Strauss parasheeyat. Not the best, my favourite. Important distinction :wink:


I think they’re hard to compare… One is a paraphrase, the other a transcription…

They say. Not that I’ve heard the originals. :nerd_face:

Very nice.

Plus I have a pet theory that Wagner works less well when replicated on the piano, because there’s more colour to lose than with Mozart, bel canto, or whatever.

Bellini imo is absolutely perfect for paraphrase and transcription.

This had me thinking btw… I completely agree with Steve above that Strauss paraphrases are their own little mini genre, but who started it? Must have been Tausig, no?

Yes, I would say so.

I have a soft spot for this one. It’s not very subtle, but amusing and diverting in its own way.

He died in 71, so I guess his are from the 60s. That should predate Schütt, Grünfeld & Co, and if there are any still earlier I think it’s safe to say they went by largely unnoticed (isn’t there one by Alf Jaell, btw?).

Tausig’s do feel early and a bit barren compared to next gen’s, but yet I do think they set the tone for the genre. Odd no one has played the 4th and 5th, and odd so few play Wahlstimmen which I really like.

Another favourite, nice to see actually it as opposed to just hearing it:

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I agree, although as far as Wagner trannies go the Tannhauser overture is the best imo. Take Liebestod as a counter example, that one sounds terrible on the piano in comparision to the original (it also sounds terrible when played immediately following the prelude, but that’s for another topic).

:rage::rage: can of worms time!

I LOVE the Liebestod tranny.
And recording it properly was one of the musical high points of my life.

De gustibus, etc, and all that :sunglasses::laughing:


I agree with Steve too. Wait…who is Steve? :sunglasses:

Most prolific in this genre may be Schutt -,_Eduard)

14 in this collection.

Looks like he did a few Wagner ones too @festinfurious that you may be interested in.

I think Comme prefers Mr Turnbull. Just don’t call him Stephen. :sunglasses:

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I’ll call him Stephanie while he has that avatar.