String Quartets

Which are your favourites? (repertoire not ensembles)

I don’t listen to this rep much, but from what I’ve heard I liked late Beethoven. I also like Schubert Death and the Maiden (particularly Juilliard quartet) and Barber’s op 11 too.

Good choices! Over the years I’ve explored the corners of the quartet rep and struck gold a few times.
The Atterberg B Minor is a personal favourite among many more.

Funnily enough I just came from op.130 with the grosse fugue tonight. Daim it’s an insane piece! So much (apparently ordered) chaos!

Can’t say I’ve listened to that many but the Haydn op,76 and op.33 I think (the one with the ending…or lack of), Smetana (both actually), Mendy fmin.

LOL!!! I just became an Atterberg fan without even having heard a note of his music:

Roughly = “Even only and merely as dance music the kind of jazz, in the Armstrongian silver trumpet style, in other words the stupid, glossolalian, yelling jazz, is completely unbearable. […] There lies a heavy responsibility on the American people to have set this cultural insult loose on the world”.


Tru and he wuz a bit ov a nazi :sunglasses:

Yeah I got those vibes already here too. It’s not the musicians, it’s the Anglo-Saxon people.

But clearly a man of class, taste, intelligence and thoroughly sound judgement nonetheless. :wink:

Music sounds pretty good though. I’m not a SQ fan normally because of the harsh, severe sound of the instrumentation, but I am enjoying this.

His 6th symph won this also :

da zepp prefah

da HUMMAH zeptet in da PIMP 88 tranz :sunglasses:

Tru diz a gensui tranz comprezzin 7 inztrumentz into 1

Alzo zumwut zatizfyin zaying da HUMMAH

CUMMAH :sunglasses:

To be fair this is why works that actually express harshness and severity sound best in this instrumentation.

Grieg’s quartet in G minor another great nordic example.

And Schubert D minor remains perhaps the best complete quartet ever.

The “father” of the string quartet was Haydn. Perhaps some of the Mozart ones are even greater music.
Obviously da Beethoven, in his string quartets from da early-, middle- and late period, transformed it into something unique, there’s nothing quite like it, essential lisztening and in a way da zenith of this genre :1st_place_medal:

That said, there are also some great post-Beet quartets by Mendelssohn, Brahms, Bartok…

Obviously da Beethoven, in his string quartets from da early-, middle- and late period, transformed it into something unique, there’s nothing quite like it, essential lisztening and in a way da zenith of this genre

Yes… Everyone keeps saying this. I still haven’t heard a note from them, but one day I’ll grow up as well.

I still find it absolutely shocking how vast and deep your knowledge of piano repertoire/recordings is, vs. your almost complete lack of familiarity with other classical repertoire. Though I can imagine that with all your various piano listening and projects there wouldn’t be much time or energy leftover for much else.

Hehe, you’re not the first.

I don’t know, you’re perfectly right that there isn’t time/energy for much else but question is why it is that way. It’s not like I’m chained to the piano per se. I think the answer is partly in who I am, whenever something catches my interest I pursue/explore/do/study it deeply and thoroughly - until I’ve wrapped my head around it, gone to the bottom with it, or hit a limit of some kind - but partly also since nothing but piano and lute has caught my interest in art music. I dislike the sound (or contrived pomposity rather) of classical singing, strings and harpsichord - so better do piano - organ quickly becomes monotonous and orchestra too formal and metronomic - so better do piano - solo cello etc is a bit too simplistic - so better do piano, etc. I like the lute sound however and have enjoyed exploring that since it takes you a couple of hundred years further back in time, but music never was very advanced during its reign. The piano literature is much richer and more diverse, and same goes for its musicians.

I’m not sure if this justifies or even explains it, but it’s the best answer I can give. Some day I think I will branch out a bit more, but for now I’m content with a fleeting familiarity with the rest.

schubert death and the maiden
borodin 2
beethoven op. 132
schoenberg 2
ben johnston amazing grace
john cage four
kanasevich - she was but an apparition
xenakis tetras
lachenmann grido
georg friedrich haas 2
berg lyric suite
webern langsamer satz

hahah da GINAZTERA mofo

tru replace da 4 with zaturated guitah n diz iz Slayer :sunglasses:

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Haha da Ginaztera zumwut helped in da 88 world by da :orgy: advocacy :sunglasses:

Tru a bit lyk DIZ


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haha da zlayah harzhly a bit mo melodic :sunglasses:

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