Suk Trio - Beethoven & Schubert Trios

Probably my favourite rec of the Schumann Trio No. 1

Yeah, this totally kicks ass.

I have yet to hear a rec of the Schubert trio that actually satisfies me, let’s check it out :slight_smile:

Schubert or Schumann?

my 3rd favorite trio 8)

randomly. I enjoy the Stern off of the double cd set…

I can post that some time, its full of energy.


you’ve just posted my favorite recording of the Schubert trio


Still waiting for a recording by the Suk-Ma-Dick trio.



If only there was a Dick.

There is, James Dick.

Hahaha, Legendary. Someone should set that up like right now.


Randomly, I’m also going to post the Suk / Katchen Brahms Sonatas and the Suk / Katchen / Starker Brahms Trios. Both are my favourite sets. Just legendary.


I was hoping that you would say that.


That would be my favorite upload of the year and I would be forever greatful.

Those are pretty much my favorite Brahms works right there.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: What about Suk-Ma-Ax trio?