Sydney Comp

Anyone following?

wif all da politic da khozhainov would win lyk he did in dublin.

I randomly haven’t been bothered this time.

Trully impressive program by Khozyainov…

ahahahah dang rezpec to tha random candain! :doc:

hahahaha daing thiz eliminatd chick playz a wikid 10/2

zrz i’ve heard thiz zheeyat too much ovah tha yrz but thiz interp iz great i think :rudy:

got a good friend in the finals - hope she gets a top prize.

Is she the one that played Bach-Liszt 543 in the opening round?

Sounds good, I’ll follow

da tanya?




hahahaa rezpectabl zpacing 8)

spacing like a tru sd


DAIM DA TANYA MADE IT to da finals!

HAHAHA da Hilited pics againzst da other opaque ones who didnt pass… a bit harshhh 8)

it would be funny if they red-stamped their faces “eliminated” so wie:


Da Brahms comp acts like a sporting event where da judges all hold up signs wit der scores. :question:

Just tuned in, some mofo is playing Rach 3 :rock:

also was that just me or was that the zl*west first movement cadenza ever? :stop:

The Winner of the Competition is Avan Yu. The 2nd place Prize Winner is Nikolay Khozyainov. The 3rd place Prize Winner is Dmitry Onishchenko, the 4th place Prize Winner is Mikhail Berestnev, the 5th place Prize Winner is Hao Zhu and the 6th place Prize Winner is Tanya Gabrielian.