Szeryng Szymanowski violin concerto 2

randomly my favourite violinist

i think mine too


Oistrakh is my man, followed by Menuhin, but after that it’s Szeryng followed by Milstein, Heifetz and then Kogan.

yeah I like Oistrakh too but have only heard him in concerto performances. Mistein is my second fav. the others have only heard bits and pieces.

I actually have no idea about violinists, I just don’t feel I know enough about the instrument to be able to form a judgment, randomly. Anyways, respect for this, haven’t heard that much Szymanowski

szeryng bach partitas is just …damn…speechless.

Yeah, as good as Milstein’s recording is, Szeryng’s Bach is where it’s at, for me.

Brew / Anima - I’ll post one of the most legendary recordings ever = Oistrakh’s rec of Tartini’s Devil’s Trill sonata. Good GOD it’s intense :slight_smile:

Respect! I love Szeryng’s full rounded sound. His live Beethoven concerto with Klemperer is legendary.

i hav no clue about da violinizt either but when i firzt saw tha :rectum: :brotha: triple concerto Oistrakh wuz immediately tha man

Any chance you could post this? Testament discs are so freaking expensive.

Sure. I’ll UL it…