Tchaikovsky 2nd Concerto, played by me

Hi everybody! Here’s a recording of mine done in Cleveland with the CIM orchestra Feb 1 2006 with David Loebel conducting. I hope you enjoy it! If you are interested, I will also post the other movements, or I’ll just do it anyway! … 1-m4a.html

OK, here’s the 2nd movement! I love this piece so much! I studied it for eight years before I thought I could even bring it to the stage. Soloists are Jun Iwasaki on violin and Caroline Milot on cello. These recordings were taken from a radio broadcast on WCLV 104.9FM Cleveland … 2-m4a.html

Third Movement! … 3-m4a.html

By the way, my name is Zsolt Bognar, and I study with Sergei Babayan.

I hope you enjoy these recordings! All rights reserved for the CIM orchestra.

Super respect. I love this piece.

Downloading now :slight_smile:

My inspiration for learning the piece was an old LP I heard of Gilels. I couldn’t sleep for three nights after I heard it!

Oh I know. Gilels is the master of this piece.

Gilels tore it up! It was pure adrenaline!!! I mean, the CADENZA!!!

Here’s something that appeared on the radio broadcast, the closing remarks from Cleveland “legend” Bob Conrad. I found it rather amusing! … o-m4a.html

This is such a captivating recording. I’m in awe :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, good sir! Hats off to you for your support. Means much to me.

i love this piece a lot tooo

it’s quite underrated and overshadowed by the 1st concerto

KUDOS for learning this awesome piece!

Isn’t it a great piece though? Thanks so much for the support!

Great stuff, will download it now. I love underated music!
Though i shamefully admit to not hearing this particular one enough.


Zsolt and I have performed this piece together very recently. :slight_smile:

yet another legendary pianist on board! thanks!

from what i know, this board doesn’t have any legendary pianist besides da long gone :lib:.

i think :wood: is legendary

Thank you very much for your kind words! I really love this piece so much and believe in it greatly. I felt so grateful for the opportunity to play this with orchestra and with soloists. It felt like a dream, that I wish I could revisit time and again. I appreciate your support!