Tchaikovsky - Grande piano sonata op. 37


So I have two questions:

  1. Do you guys like this sonata?
  2. What is your favourite recording of it?

To be honest, I don’t think I have even heard it. That’s why I want to know which recording to start with. Except for the piano concertos I don’t know that many of Tchaikovsky’s piano compositions.

Not a big fan of the piece. His smaller piano works are better to me, I’m a big fan of Dumka -

Not a huge fan, though I do listen to it once in a while. Richter’s Warsaw recording from 1954 is the one I listen to most. Not sure anyone else come close. Haven’t listened to the Moog rec yet, but I’m sure I’ll like it.


I also like the :rectum: 1949 rec

I’m sure I have that one, but I don’t remember ever listening to it. I’ll put it in my queue.

Yeah, it is pretty wikid!

Da XSDC posted it way back

The Mussorgsky pics from that same concert were also a first ever perf fo da :rectum: , too bad dat rec is locked up

Randomly, I know the C-sharp sonata Op. 80 isn’t as good, but I listen to it more often because Feinberg and Gilels played it.

Yeah that Feinberg rec is great!

Randomly, I wish we had him in more Beethoven Sonatas…

Yeah Dumka is great, especially Horowitz’ rec.

Cool, then I will listen to Richter or Moog. Any other good Tchaikovsky piano pieces?

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The Nocturne and Theme & Vars from Op.19, Un poco di Chopin from Op.72, Jan, June, Oct & Nov from The Seasons.

I’m not too fond of Tchaikovsky’s piano works. I think it feels like he wrote the majority of them to earn a quick buck - unlike his ballets which do appear to have genuinely inspired music in them (not that I would know :xsdc:). Even Op.23 I find overrated tbh, and I prefer the unfinished 3rd PC. I can’t stand the 2nd PC, and the Sonatas haven’t left any particular impression on me, but I know the second is a great favourite with a friend of mine. I don’t know his rec preference though, but I would guess Pletnev - which at least is mine.

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I’m not a fan of the hyperextended first movt of the Tchaik 1…

Same here. I don’t really like Op. 23 that much, either. I think it’s a little over rated, and greatly overplayed. I don’t even know how the jury members at the Tchaikovsky Competition could manage to sit through several performances of it in consecutive days.

That said, I did grow to love The Seasons when I was forced to play June.

Richter and Pletnev have the only recs of note I tyink.

Of the smaller works, the Dumka is probably the best. The Seasons, op.19, op.21, op.72 has some nice stuff. Most tends to be not very effective writing which is weird given the concerto is fine (bloody awkward, but works)

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I heard Lugansky play it live a few years ago. I’m not a huge fan of the piece but I don’t hate it. It kinda grows on you.

I like the seasons, but never enough to play any of them. The concerto is pretty calorie efficient.

Pletnev makes them sound like Schumann. Still a few that don’t convince me but the first in particular is gorgeous.