TE 5 - will-o'-the-wisps ??

feux follets
accoding to bablfeish french-english translation

…in chinese the piece is nicknamed ‘ghost fire’

dis piece is a bit shit

da shrimp played wit da fire when he waz 15 or sumfin 8)

so fuckin what

“da shrimp iz so good looking pianist”

dont argue wit da JACKO 8)

haha, ok i bow down now

haha :smiley: ghost fire… i’ve seen that b4/like this/??/and actually what i’ve said is/da shrimp is the cutest pianist i’ve ever seen/

hahahahahaha, what do u find cute about him?

Or as it is known in North Korea: Western Compositional Archive Piece # 193214.123/ subsection A

I JEST. :smiley:

hahaha, political joke?

da comme iz actually stumped 8)

diz piece is so technically overrated.
but its a fuckin instant classic 8)

I thought he played you.

i reiterate -dis iz shit

Haha, just because da chair will never be able to play it. :stuck_out_tongue: (just like me :cry:)

hahaha, i can - just dont want to 8)