tha rob honah tha ANIMA wiz a clazzic remake

tru tha clazzic rob “rhapzody” hath been heavily altrd and tha ztructur sheeyatd around wit to becum whut iz now tha :

hahaha tru thiz zheeyat iz not tha moz interezting m*zically tiz mo of a
FURY piece tru…pozzibly tha middl octz zec cud ztand alone az an octz et

tru :lib:
Here is the link for the file you uploaded:


tru i dun know how to make pdfz

I just had 5 orgasms.

Da Kawasaki is officially one of my fav composers.

ahahahhahahaha DAIM! :whale:

n rezpec yozelf 8)

tiz looks gensui!

Do u haf a rec of it (and no fucking MIDI sheeyat)?

da zepp vil make one :lib:

ahahah hopefully :whale:

hahahaha rezpec. i wanna hear this badly.

ahahahah tru hopefully tha zepp iz workin on tha octz zect

pedikactably he iz, TRU :rudy: :rudy: :rudy: :rudy: :rudy: :rudy:

Looks wikid.

Yousendit is being gay… Rob, pls re-up!

ahahaha rezpec tru here iz a reup

Here is the link for the file you uploaded:

Randomly, thanks!

It’s a nice comp… I hear Medtner in there.

If you want a better audio of it, send me the MP3, I shall create an audio file using good quality sound fonts.