The Demonic Thrac video (courtesy of Darth Wee)

hahaha, i think u meant DAYUM

RESPEC fo da random stares at da camera in da 25/6
Da Ziff would be proud 8)

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Diz vid haz possibly da highest concentration of Comedic Genius witnessed in 6min30secz. Letz see, we have:

Da Koji randomly speakz
Da insane stare into da camera
Da Finga
Da random off-camera mofo dat we nevah see
Da Karate Chop tech
Da Fisting tech
Da Broken String

DAYUM man, diz sheeeyat haz it all. Not to mention excerpts from da Fastest 25/6 & 10/1 EVAH. Da SPEEEED & FUUURY iz self evident.


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hahaha wtf ?
I’d rather c da shrimp’s attire of da nike commercial
wit da aerodynamic helmet 8)



It goes something like this:

"So yea, the crazy dare.
A thousand dollars.
Although I didn’t believe him, at the time he told me.
It was during the master, final jury (All the Julliard student has to take jury recital like 4 times a year something like that.)
To do this, just walk in to the jury room, with all the jury member and do this.

(Show his middle finger and started playing Op25 No6 with right hand, continue playing)

And stare at them for the whole time (still playing Op.25 No.6)

Yep, for the whole time"

(BTW. the dude outside the camera is e60m5)


Koji, you are officially my idol, and one day, if i really learnt the Op.25 No.6 up to this level. I will do it in front of (more than 50) people to pay my tribute to u.

Dude datz exactly why itz random comedic genius. And plus, RESPEC moi for correctly identifying da e60 az a ‘MOFO’



man, im just ovahpowahahahahhd by da sheer genius

man, im imaginin me in dat room, wit dem 2

unleashin mah SHIT skillz, dayum

btw - fuck off zepp, i am suicidal now from yo dissez

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btw - who da FUCK iz ken?!?!

i was wondering about the same thing.

so da senior demon and da junior demon met ?

comme we will meet one day and even wiz da lack of skillz da ultimate FURY and comedic genuis will do 8)

hahahahaahah, u mofo

hahahahhaa, u didint know about deir common meetinz?

dey both live in nyc and apparently frequently visit eachotha to eachange FURY and SPEED tipz

and k mart, what lack of skillz? ill be dere remembah 8)

I iz not talking about wankin skillz 8)

hahaha, u fuckah 8)



OMFG this is SO FUCKING COOL, and this on da day of ma birthday 8) totally respeccommanding sheeyat of ma fav composer, best techniques ever and top humour, love it. koji is ma idol

Da highlight of da vid is in da 1st 50 secs.


ur shit kicks ass. badass vid. u play w/ much fury based on all the shit ive heard from u. i always look for ur shit on the piano society site because there is always 6.022E23 times more fury than the other recs (specially that Beet op 57 :open_mouth: , much fury in those arps near the end!!) could just be how you record ur shit but i think its mostly ur playing (as evidenced by ur excessive fury at the end of the vid [ack! what am i saying? theres no such thing as excessive fury :smiling_imp:]).

i cant get enough of ur shit. that kind of fury is right up my alley. maybe in many years i can achieve something close to it, but you help me by setting an amazing standard w/ ur great recs!! very inspiring!

keep this shit comin, it only makes me work harder!!

EDIT: oh yeah, u look a lot like my friend’s dad when i was in grade school, which makes u 2x cooler cuz he paid like $400 for me to go on a cruise w/ his family 8)

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hahaha, i concur 8)