The Devil's Staircase

The pianist Matthew Bengtson posted an interesting analysis of Ligeti’s “Autumn” on YT, where he also compares it with a polyrhythmic passages of Chopin’s Fourth Ballade.
Btw check out his recording of the piece, and also his Scriabin disc - pretty good, I like it!

A dude from my school did a good job in Automne I think.

:cry: I didn’t mean to make a brother cry!

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how awezome it felt… 7 vs 8 dicked

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DA BIBLICAL 8-dicked beazt from da ABYZZ of zlownezz.

Tru :tm:

Happy New Year to da Zepp btw 8)

Thanks for mentioning him - Edward Neeman seems to be quite brilliant. Check out his arr. of Tchaik. Flower Waltz…great stuff!
But his wife, wel… :blush:
That’s what American food can do to you I guess

Haha I’ll wait for TM’s verdict on her. :tm:
I hadn’t actually followed what he’d been up to since he moved back to the states to do his postgrad.

Outstanding. Rare to hear this fine 4H playing.

Wrong forum section, but looks only matter before you get to know eachother IMO. I mean, just look at them - or indeed listen to them. 6 minutes and 43 seconds is all I need to tell that Edward probably has the one woman he’ll need in life next to him here.

Yeah it’s actually disgustingly adorable.

Neeman is an alum of my school, tru. Never met him tho, he graduated way back.

I take it da Brew doesn’t fancy da Rubenesque females?

Hey, it was pianopera!
But no. :dong:

Well that makes me feel old, because he did his undergraduate at my school in Australia. :ho:

She definitely not bad looking!

He made a good investment, when da other mofos got wives start to age and down, this one will actually take da initiative and star doing mad cardio.
Da facial structure is all dere, she starts eating healthy and tones up a bit - that’s actually hotter den da naturally slim chicks who will just assume Dey will stay hot and den go from looking 25 to 60 in a nanosecond.

I’m a bit drunk on sum fine ass cognac,
One more day in Florida.
Recital cancelled. Wikid! 8)

Okay so TM verdict iz “if drunk”. 8)

Brew, neither am I. I was referring to the “disgustingly adorable” bit. Which fits the vid to a t.

leech, but when she starts doing cardio, all that excess skin will sag… :whale:


da TM is what? :dong:

I think the two etudes Yuja recorded on her debut, “Fanfares” and “The Scorcerer’'s Apprentice” were really great.

Not a big Yuja fan, but yes, this kind of repertoire suits her. (Bartok is another 20th Century composer that I enjoy in her interp.)