Here he play Bob the Devil Liszt Tranny and the OG 4th Liszt Paganini Etude but live comp circumstances

@festinfurious and @Dr.TM what you think?

The paget

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WTF rach three solo trans?

FUUUUUCK the insane programming at 19

W. A. Mozart - Fantasia in D Minor, K. 397
A. Scriabin - Etude in C Sharp Minor, op.2 no.1
M. Balakirev - Islamey, op.18
F. Liszt - Reminiscences from Don Giovanni, S.418

This is much better than the Bob the devil comp perfs!

The ease in the don Juan’s freakishly hard parts a bit off putting somehow but impressive none the less.

Islamey have barere style dex moments

A 14 yo hexameron read through


So is his identity an open secret? I was told it but told to not tell anyone :dong:

da BOB a bit raped, tru. It’s a fucking hard parasheeyat tbf.

oh ic, you inferred it from da paget rep…

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Yeah the paget not daily rep for sure. Also it was in comments for a sec. :sunglasses:

Still semi anonymized it now I know not a covert publicity ploy and he want to hide.

This da Grosse Concert Slut dude?

Yo he got a freakish mechanism. Parts of that bob the devil are sounding like they’re finally being played at the correct speed

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Bob the devil tru program:

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That Islamey is really wikid

Yeah, he’s not bad.

Enjoyed the Dong Juan.

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He need a proper sensei

Or not. Nobody teaches very many things of value… at some point, self-education (including listening to recordings etc) becomes the way.

This dude just needs to keep seeking his own voice.

People really overestimate the value of a teacher past the fundamentals (just my two cents). If he gets a “proper” teacher he will likely be encourage to tame in that insanity and he’ll play slower after coping with getting his ass groped.

For the most part, teachers need to be audited and raped. Preferably by da :tractor: :woman:

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I think I’m technically stalking this kid but worth it for flashes of tech geniuz

Here is a recent try at the Busoni. Hope he studies with Bashkirov’s ghost soon. Lots of physical talent to waste.

Bundle of nerves in this one but hoping for crazy rep.

Ahh fuck the chord 4th paganini version! Ooh bob the devil in less terrible sound. Dun nobody make that sound right except wild to me tho… we’ll see

Yi-Chung Huang-The 64th Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition-Glocal Piano Project-Hamburg -

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I never got to show my cock at the Busoni due to really short vid prescreenings where it’s sort of impossible to stand out :dong:

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:diarrhoea: :zepp:

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Lol the programming a bit wikid and instant no pass fodder. I want to see him make it past prelims at some point even if he’s got obvious gaps in moosicalness.

Competitors - Festival Ljubljana (

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Pics pozz what Poon would have looked like without gender transition

A bit creepy

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Da feztin approves of da rd 2 prog.