The Fatty Redo Scrib Moist without Ervin Style Bass Slams

I miss the bass slams but this piece deserve best efforts even from dilettantes


One of El Pogo’s favorite Scribeludes is Op. 15 No. 3 - So joyous and sunny.

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Randomly, diz one of Genie’s best recordings.

That album redeemed my Kissin love.

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Yeah, I’m a Genie fan, ass well.

Favorite albums,

-See above

  • Brahms Zon 3/Hungarian Dances
    -Brotha/Franck/Brahms(Pag Vars)
    -Brotha on DG
    -Chopin At Carnegie, Vol. 2
    -Prok Concs 1 & 3 w/Abbado
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I figured out a digi trick. I just put the senstivity low and exaggerate the dynamics a bit. Thats why I am smashing some keys somewhat aggro.

It same effect as going through a compressor kinda. (Hyperion style) Irons out kinks a little from loosey goosey finger control a bit. Any rhthmic problems etc still sound fucked tho…

I gotta say that the sound is much more enjoyable when you put a line out into your phone.

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