Im listenin to the radio all the time … first participant was Fumio Kawamura … but there was no furry in it … anyway it was good … but not a finalist i guess …
now the next participant Hisako Kawamura is begining her performance … and the next will be my schoolmate who is from Belaruss but studies in Gdansk … and he is 16-17 years only … :slight_smile:

now this guy Kiryl is playing … and he is giving a damn good job … but his age is 18 dont know y he told me still this year he is 16 … anyway … hes really good and i expect a good career in future :slight_smile:

ah u really ghey?

un speak leik u belong to da fuckin 88street. diz da sdc mofo.

-da Meph

wtf :imp:

hahahaha mefizto u COCK, show sum RESPEC fo da excluzive correzpondent from da warsaw :dong:

now Jacek Kortus from Poland is playing … good etude , good scherzo … the radio announced this day as the japanese opening day … because 4 japanese participants played today …
i guess the jury has a hard time to make thru … huge responsibility and all are playing really good … till now participants are high classed … and this Kortus made a bit of fury in the etude … i still dont have my favs … in 20 minuts Olga Kozlova as the last participant today will begin her performance … for now 4 japanese , 2 polish , 1 belarussian , 1 american . 1 russian …
the polish are well taught this year but still , not as Zimerman … ok then … ill post again here

actually Jacek Kortus finished a minute ago (the radio said he is the youngest pole in the competition) and he got a GREAT applause from the audience and the radio well commented him …
now the Russian girl began her performance by Fantasia f-moll …
and i also found out from the Radio that the youngest participant is from China his/her name is Peng Cheng He 17

the Russian girl Olga Kozlova has no furry at all … 10/1 not fast at all … :frowning:

BUT SHE OWNED DA 10/2 … a bit less than Rudy …
Zepp this message was for ya !!

shes finished now … she played well … but she got the BIGGEST and i mean the BIGGEST applause today … five times there were BRAVOS shouted loudly … dont really know y … ok the Fantasia f-moll was well (it seems everybody plays it today) … but not soooooo special …
but im trying yo be more objective anyhow … c ya tomorrow !

to u unlegendary mofoz

there iz online video webcast…

truly unlegendary


so thiz iz tha lik to tha webcazt or to Poliszhcx tv

i dun speak polska

hell Fuck i didnt know there is a LIVE ! webcazt. FUCK …
anyway for those who dont know polish (means most of u if not all) … the webcazt broadcastz live from 9.50 am (polish time i guess hmt +2) to 14.20 then from 16.55 -19 and its like that most of the times … but that means they dont include all the particpants which is stupid and unfair … n e wayz … its good Poland and the oil big company here that sponsored the whole competition this year is givin money for broadcast …
still sheeyat …


we mizzed all da prelimz!!!

DA FUCKIN CORPORATE MOFOZ, da official site dun even haff a link to diz!!! nor duz da GUZTAV CUNT!!! FUCKKKKKKK da politicz 8)

FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! diz meanz it startz lezz den an hour from now

now the American-Japanese girl Rachel is playing and she is fuckin the best as for now in my opinion … gives a damn good blow job furry moments … FUCK she is genius … and her cv is fuckin full !

Who is dat little Asian girl dat played da Preludes 13-24, da Fantasia and da Waltz #5. She had da fury, no? (at about 10:00 GMT)

N da Russian-Canadian blond guy dat played the Scherzo in b flat minor, da Barcarolle, and da #5 Waltz was really good.

N I saw what seemed a rather lifeless Ballade in f minor by another guy I don’t know. I tried going on dere forum, but all I could understand were da numbers, n dat was no help.

the asian girl u mean was the American girl with Japanese origins … and i talked about it in the former post … she was awesome … very understanding for Chopin and she had Chopin reccomendation from Hesse-Bukowska so she played in the Duszniki piano festival in Poland which is one of the most prestigious in the world now (i know lot of u dont know it but its also one of the richest in Europe i heard) … she played in the festival i guess in 99 op.10 … and i heard she kicked some butt … she is awesome …
the Russian-Canadian guy was very very interesting … but i dont think he’s gonna make it to the #1 because in a lot of moments he didnt use the classical real Chopin which the chairman Jasinski (a great person) loves … anyhow … i dont know the other guy … anyhow …
ill be back tonight ! bye !

The webcazt AIN’T WORKIN !! DA STUPID WINDOW CROPS UP WID DA WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER n den nothing happens…stops ! M missing all da fun !!


it works fo me

i closed all random progs from mah computah

hmm, can some1 tell me how to capture vids? 8)