The Official Chopin Etudes Thread

In this thread, we shall discuss everything chopets. Also, it should be the only thread about chopets…ANYTHING bout chopets go here.
We shall discuss which ones u have tried, which ones u think are easiest, hardest, recs, sheet music…etc…

I cant believe how freaking hard the 25-3 is…it seriously cripples my fingers, it is twisting…geez…

Wut do u think?

we can haff az many chopet threadz az we want U FUCKAH 8)


25/3 iz EZ. It muzt be playd in under 1:30.

who iz chopin


iz da Alex mofo you? do u still live in da same town as :doc: ?

hahaha fuccckkkkk

i thought my 30gb limit was bad…and I thought it was really bad when I tripled it…though dey aint dat big of cunts dat dey charge me $16k…dey just cut me off and den I play dumb and phone them and ask what happened and just pretend I have kids that I cant control and dey did it…and den dey turn it back on

da “i swear it was da hackers” works too…:smiling_imp:

“Bandwidth allowance: 2,000 MB (2 GB)/month”

WTF can you do with 2 GB?

this is a bit outrageous. I screw up my school’s bandwidth 5 GB per day on average.

fuckkkk, congratz anyway.


no, it iz not me. I dunno where :doc: lives, but he is from da province of Quebec, n datz where I live too 8)

dat doc is from 5 years ago i see now…i guess wit dat in mind da pitiful limit is somewhat understandable

if anyone has any tips on 25/6, shoot.

I randomly have it good and not, but it’s also new.

i haff a question…

i read sumwhere dat Godowsky said dat hiz chopets were meant to be learned wit da originalz. iz dis tru? duz any of u do dis??? :doc: