The reason why Ingolf Wunder was eliminated from Warsaw

*I found this article from the Warsaw Competition

Bad Notes, Bad Luck

18 October 2005

During a press conference after the announcement of the second stage results, someone asked about Ingolf Wunder from Austria who did not make it into the finals. Jury member Ewa Pobłocka spoke: “I cheered him on. I even talked to him after the performance because he played two wrong notes in the Andante Spianato. He had a mistake in his notation and he immediately corrected it. But unfortunately, he didn’t succeed. The Competition Regulations are strict: the total sum of votes of the whole jury decides.” Piotr Paleczny and Andrzej Jasiński, sitting behind the presidium table covered with green cloth, agreed. “And other competitions worldwide have already started to apply our system,” added Jasiński.

HAHAHAH when i saw diz in da GAZ i randomly mizundahztood da biatch. wut she meanz iz dat da :god: randomly mizREAD 2 notez in da score.

n if dey eliminate da :god: bazed on diz, wut about doze (da KUDO, da redbiatch, da dancinbiatch) who mizread da CHOPz tempo marking fo da 25/11? 8)

The was some pretention shit he was eliminated fo

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