The TalkClassical Top 200 Recommended Solo Keyboard Works

Good or bad choices?

Man that forum shit me. I went there briefly after da 88ztreet and the dark days of here. Obnoxious idiots like 88ztreet but without the cg.

ahahaha REZPEC fo inlcudin da KAN op39, but where r da tru clazzix lyk:

da zpring waltz
ballade pour adeline
rivah flow in u
heart azk fo pleazure firzt
da Amelie zong
caztle in da zky

n otha zuch wikidnezz :sunglasses:

A bit pointless tbh.

I.X.1905 only in the honourable mentions? Truly great work imo. But I’ll forgive them as the honourable mentions included the liapetz.

ahahaha da #70

pozz paid fo incluzion on diz lizt? :sunglasses:

Is that from da anime?
Da canadian got me into studio ghibli and I loved that one in particular.


Hahah actually Tveitt is one of my favourite 20th cent composers :sunglasses:
But tru diz incluzion a bit random.
Diz a wikid zet ov varz fo 88 n orch:

tru tiz a random anime zong

alzo i forget anotha tru clazzic da zhudda been on da lizt:

da MAXIM croatian rappah :sunglasses:

I don’t agree with the top 10, and especially not the first choice, but as a top 200 I suppose it’s fine (though recommended for what?).

Also surprised the fantasia contrappuntistica is recommended far ahead of the Chopin Barcarolle, etc, but… yeah.

hahahaa man top 200 zolo 88 workz and tha :rocky: haz 1 entry on tha top 100?

ahahaha n alzo thiz:

  1. Handel - Harpsichord Suite No. 5, HWV 430 "The Harmonious Blacksmith
  1. Villa-Lobos - Rudepoêma, W. 184

izn’t tha harmoniouz blackzmith a maybe 1 minut zheeyat u learn while ztill learnin to play tha 88?

The only purpose of such lists is to give :incell:s something to argue over. Who needs 200 solo keyboard recommendations anyway? If you’re interested, you’re going to discover sheeyat by yourself.

ahahahaha fuck da zepp haff no clue wut diz zong iz, but bazed on da title alone tiz zound lyk a cumpanion piece to da

FURIOUZ FARMAH :sunglasses:

n hence muz be legendary:

hahahaha tru thiz theme wuz a zheeyat in tha early zuzuki bookz i barely remembah when i wuz firzt learnin

i didnt kno it wuz a them wit varz az well :lib:

hahahah tha fuckin farmah commiziond comp!!! :whale: :whale: :whale2: :sunglasses: