The winner of the 15th Chopin Competition is...

da Chopin.

15th International Chopin Piano Competition

By decision of the Jury of 21 October 2005 following prizes has been awarded

1st Prize
Mr Rafał Blechacz – Poland

2nd Prize
Not awarded

3rd Prize

Mr Dong Hyek Lim - South Korea
Mr Dong Min Lim - South Korea

4th Prize

Mr Shohei Sekimoto - Japan
Mr Takashi Yamamoto - Japan

5th Prize

Not awarded

6th Prize

Ms Ka Ling Colleen Lee - China-Hong Kong

and six equivqlent mentions

Mr Jacek Kortus - Poland
Ms Rachel Naomi Kudo - USA
Ms Rieko Nezu - Japan
Ms Yuma Osaki - Japan
Ms Yeol Eum Son - South Korea
Mr Andrey Yaroshinskiy - Russia

Special Prizes have been awarded

for the best performance of polonaise:
Mr Rafał Blechacz – Poland

for the best performance of mazurkas:
Mr Rafał Blechacz – Poland

for the best performance of a concerto:
Mr Rafał Blechacz – Poland

Da real winner: :god: !

HAHAHAHAHAH DA FUCKIN POLEZ haff to haff deir next ZIM

diz iz pozzibly da moz dominating win in chopcomp hiztory. wiz a clean sweep of all da random prizez pluz da gensui abzence of da silvah medal (dizturbingly predickted by da mart)


dont they think the da rezult iz too obnoxious?

one mofo dominated da whole competition pluz he’s a Pole. It really implies dat there’s something wrong with the prize. Never once did this happen prior to this competition. da Poles, at the bottom line, disgrace themselves to ppl all over the world. this competition is fucking corrupted.

[May da :god: zpirit b with you mofoz to eternity.]

i told ya mofos Rafal will win ! we’re gonna meet him next 2 weeks … FUCKKKKKKK we’re sooooooooooooooo happy … the greatest of all !
:stop: :shrimp: :shrimp: :shrimp: :shrimp: :shrimp: :shrimp: :stop:

[size=200]DIE BIATCH[/size]

i stryk again
sdc style

anothar pole disgracez himzelf again.

u must be very proud of a corruption going on in Poland.

hahahahah da KRITTY

when we take away da politicz, our initial predickted winnah (da MOJO) still won in de end :dong:

What? The result was announced?!

and the Lim’s are brothers…? Are they twins? They won the 3rd prize TOGETHER? because they’re brothers? :laughing: :laughing: What?


This was a CG result…hahaha. :astonished:

I was rooting for da Chopin. It’s good that he won. Just like da Russian Liszt-lookinf mofo should have won the pimp comp. :smiling_imp:

if the fuck doesnt know how to recognize good chop from a stupid chop then u r wasted fuckah … Blechacz wins the first and all prizes because he is a lot lot better than some other mofo fuckers…

the are bruders the Min is 25 , da Hyek is 21 !




His 3rd sonata put my foot to sleep.


well, since u are an expert and all, and obviousl not a ‘wasted fuckah’
so, give me briefly, around 30 words, what is ‘good chopin’ and ‘bad chopin’, and how one distinguish between them.

he’s better than some but not all. Bascially da whole point of this competition is disgracing the poles. What’s the point of calling it Chopin int’l piano competition. this is a fucking local competition.

as dominating as the awards number he got, he is not even 1/3 as good as zimerman.