Thibaudet: True embodiment of quasi-Bennet homosexualilty?

Reuters 9/22/05-

For fans of the timeless classic, Commando, Bennet (excellently played by Vernon Wells) represents the crystallization of the modern view toward homosexuality.

Figure 1 (Wells in Commando) … do666a.jpg

Quite recently, French pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet had unexpectedly taken a similar approach in furthering his fame. His more-than-metrosexual clothings, in addition to his suggestive poses in photographs, suggest that Thibaudet indeed was greatly influenced by Bennet.

Figure 2 (Thibaudet in photoshoot) … /1754M.jpg

As a result, Thibaudet is strongly backed by a solid homosexual male fanbase. As a sidenote, he seems very happy about it.

Figure 3 (Thibaudet in arguably single most-homosexual classical CD cover) … det_CH.jpg

In a related story, Thibaudet on Sep. 14 was found in San Franciso, fashioning a quasi-Bennet garb.

Figure 4 (Thibaudet in questionable clothing)

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