This is the saddest shit you'll ever see

I found this trapped within a horrible three and a half hour long New Year’s video on the Gostel site.

Can someone ID the piece?

Poor Rudolf Kerer. The look he gives the camera says it all.


It’s the Beethoven/Seiss Contredances, WoO 14. Love em!

Damn thank you, I never would have figured that out.

And damn Gosteleradiofond are quick on the copyright claim for just 59 seconds.

I think I’ll upload this on April Fools’ Day. Poor guy.

They’re exceedingly rarely played. Ginzburg and Kissin did the first of them (this one), and Lisitsa left a brilliant recording of all three early in her career. I think Kempff and Mark Hambourg did one of them as well, but I might be in error. That’s about it as I recall, which is a shame since they’re great encore pieces.

Good to see more Kehrer too. A great mofo for sure.

Tru, I love it too.
Ginzburg played this mofo.

Not da coolest song, tru.

Yes yes yes, Kissin, Ginzburg, Kehrer etc AND Savannah of course :smiley:

Did Kerer record this commercially?

No, not that I know anyway

I think the saddest shit I’ve seen was Peter Cook playing second banana to Joan Rivers. OMG. :blush: