Tinnitus Classics Presents "Dave's Classical Cardio Fitness Workout" Video


This guy actually pretty funny.

Ahahahaha da COMME well-tymed reentry :sunglasses:

alzo I move to name diz imprezzively knowledgeable mofo

da homelezz DOC :sunglasses:


He might be funny but I’m not a big fan of his music criticism

He’s not a big fan of Schumann or Richter, so…

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Yeah and he’s a little bit of a recording quality snob.

Said the man that spends hours improving the sound of old recordings.

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He’s humorous but he’s a snob and his written reviews are garbage. An artist spends years on an interpretation and he posts 300 word reviews that end with a 10 out of 10 rating. I find that crass and unprincipled.

If music is the silence between the notes… why not fill them with noise. :sunglasses:

  • any LP person
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