TM baldspot in full display

Tru, I’ve reworked the Petrarch 123 interp, maybe more concise this way.

I still have around 10 days to prep for the Rec

Dayum, will u do da bigen?


REZPEC diz nu age :doc: :doc: :doc: :doc: :doc: look 8)

ahahahah wiz da ZIFF clazzic CHIN-UP-PROUD-AZ-FUCK look thrown in everywhere, diz now a liztenable zong. tiz lyk da lezboo dream #3 on anti-deprezzant medickation tru 8)

randomly iz u recin da 104 az well? dat iz evidently da mo varied n wikid compo, pozz :sunglasses:

Is that Gary Shteyngart’s “Russian Debutante’s Handbook” on your music stand?

Harshly I dun haff da 47 or da 104 in my rep.
To play da 104 after da Ho classic bazz climax H bomb detonation rampage… a bit pointless

Unless you have access to da Ho 88

A student gave me this to read, haven’t opened it yet

You should def play them.
The three together is good sheeyat.

Pozz, but then I should play da whole book 8)

Seriously nice playing.

Haha da Lezbo wet dream 3 is still owned by da Moizeiwitzch n Lamond 8)

Yes, Benno for me, though Bolet and the young Richter did it marvelously as well. But man, I dislike no work by Liszt but that one is hard to sit through. Cheesy and hackneyed. I much prefer 1 or 2, and did even the first time I heard them.


I’m gonna enjoy hearing da Benno rec right now, it grabs me by the :dong: every time.
Maybe associating an overplayed work with too many performances which didn’t do it justice - ruined the piece for you?

I love how the gorgeous material gets developed to a climax n dat touching echo effect in da coda…

Yeah I don’t find it cheesy at all.
Maybe try the original song?

Rezpek da Brew tastes 8)