TM Massive tribute to da ZLIT

Random zit down n live memorization ov da Depuzzy etude ZLIT ZTYLE (in reference to her legendary 3 hour learn n memorize n play ov da Warzaw conc streaming stunt 8)

Ok, now I iz going to da carnegie hall rectal dat I wuz invited to by a composah mofo who wantz me to rec his 88 piece on hiz label.
I gotta see what the dude has to offer first.

He regularly books da Carnigga Weill Hall n even Alice Tully Hall wiz hiz own money fo mofoz da unleash hiz compoz
I wanna see what I can get out of it if I learn hiz 80 page solo piano piece 8)

I find stuff like dis very hard to memorize and anything like Berg sonata or Ligeti etudes virrually impossible. Luckily I don’t have to!

Sounds like dis mofo has bags of $$$.

She sure did a good job memorising Pictures at an Exhibition. :dong:

Likely she usee a raw pornographic memory for that one and sightfucked the pictures from memory

You can give an official masterclass like this.

You just start your introduction like this:
“Hello, I’m Michael, I’ll do a - FUCKING - masterclass on - CUNT - Debussy’s cocksucking Etude ‘pour les degrés chromatiques’. You’ll have to excuse my language - SHITTY ASSHOLE!! - I suffer from Coprolalia and can’t really - FUCK! - control it. Now let’s start with the first bar…NIGGER! ASSHOLE!” :whale:

Da Tourettes Mofo Cunt Sheeyat masterclass series haha

Hahaha yes!
That Depussy Etude is a bitch to play well btw - good luck TM.
I tried it once and couldn’t get some passages completely clear.
There’s a live recording of Haskil where she fucks up at exactly the same point where I failed…

2 million views guaranteed.

Also, I uncontrollably rape music stands

Hahaha except no N word. That would be da electric chair

Diz da hardest spot u iz talking about, tru?

This made me laugh.

Exactly. One of da mozt difficunt passages me thinks. Plus what then follows in da r.h.

Play the 6ths almost together in the LH for the most part…

:rock: : juz bunch it up boii


da ROCK tech of:

write it out broken

play it zolid


zoundz broken again


n randomly diz zong iz a bit wikid!!!

tiz bazically da blueprint fo

da DOC BEE :sunglasses:


Dis a pussy-bee