ffs! turn on PMs!


öö, excuse me?

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You think I should have taken this over PM instead?

Makes two of us :wink:


ok fine :slight_smile:

FYI I kissed a lady’s hand tonight. I’m staying in this kind of cottage / B&B where I’m alone except for the owner and her husband downstairs. I came back late shivering uncontrollably, picked up a bug and have nothing to eat. Just sent an email to ma ex to whinge and one minute later the woman from downstairs was at my door with soup and meat pancakes. Man it was like a miracle. I hope she doesn’t expect that treatment all the time now. I told her I’m sick and she brought a jug of herbal tea afterwards. Fuck the gracious life is a blessing I cried like a bitch.


Damn! Where you at?

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I’m at ‘home’ but I don’t have my own flat yet. This place is great except a touch isolated, and I’ve always been shit at looking after myself. Man when things line up like that I’m the biggest sucker believer out there.

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Happy fo yo ass, tony mofo!

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Hope you feel better soon dude! I’m sick as well, must’ve caught something from all those old people at the concert the other night.

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Gosh you’re making me nervous. I don’t have time for any bugs this week!

So the silk road to da Tony is open, who has informed me that I in fact need three eggs to make waffles. All’s well and the thread can be deleted if the mods wish.

Tony you (or anyone) wouldn’t happen to have any biographical info for Arnold Kaplan? What I’m looking for is specifically when & where he was born and died, and where and with whom he studied. I can’t seem to find anything through google.

He studied w/ Goldenweiser @ CMS & Conservatory in Moscow. He also had lesson or two with Grigory Ginzburg. 18.12.19 (Cherkasy) - 15.01.96 (NY). Why do you ask?

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Fantastic, thanks!

I’m adding brief biographical data to the pianists in my list, as below. Another project I seem to have grossly underestimated the work involved for…


Yeah it’s an absolute nuisance. I’ve started to input data again into the Russian piano site I might one day finish, and it’s just a pain, especially when you’re horribly lazy like me.