Top of the World contestants announced

And the list is not bad…

Anyone here know some of these guys? Will meet them all when they arrive.

  1. Blanchard, Johann (Germany)
  2. Brakhman, Evgeny (Russia)
  3. Carr, Joachim (Norway)
  4. Chistiakova, Galina (Russia)
  5. Dumont, Francois (France)
  6. Farkas, Gábor (Hungary)
  7. Fripp, Ashley (Great Britain)
  8. Grynyuk, Oleksandr (Ukraine)
  9. Hu, Ching-Yun (Taiwan)
  10. Kyyhkynen, Tuomas (Finland)
  11. Lapshin, Konstantin (Russia)
  12. Lee, Ka Ling Coleen (Hong Kong)
  13. Levkovitch, Dmitri (Canada)
  14. Melikyan, Sofya (Armenia)
  15. Moutouzkine, Alexandre (Russia/USA)
  16. Okuda, Akihito (Japan)
  17. Poizat, François-Xavier (Switzerland/France)
  18. Rimoldi, Emanuel Ioan Luca (Italy)
  19. Titova, Kateryna (Ukraine)
  20. Tsvetkov, Daniil (Russia)
  21. Vondrácek, Lukáš (Czech Republic)
  22. Vujadinovic, Sara (Serbia)
  23. Yu, Avan (Canada)
  24. Zhdanov, Denis (Ukraine)

haha grynyuk must’ve run out of coke money again. :gav:

I know Sasha Moutouzkine–terrific pianist.

i remember seeing moutouzkine do probably the most furious corigliano etude fantasy ever. dude has a lot of power in his touch. got a little reckless, but it was fun to listen to.

haha but this is the wrong grynyuk :stuck_out_tongue:

oh really, I just assumed Sasha was short for Oleksandr.
or are there two sasha grynyuks?

Sasha is short of Alexander. They’re talking about Moutouzkhine, who I also really like. He has some stuff from the 2004 or 2006 e-comp that are really good. Also there is a La Valse on youtube of him that is very good as well.

Dmitri’s in this eh? I went to CIM when he was there, funny guy.

Ridiculous technique.

Probably one of the fastest I’ve heard.

Babayan students rock :ho:

Live stream now! … ompetition

Sum gr8 playing n interesting people.

da name of diz comp :comme: 8) :jacko:

diz stream qualiy a bit…

da :comme: chopet op.25no.12 quality 8) 8) 8)