Topping DX7s WTF Chi Fi sounding great now..

Holy Crap,

I bought this unit because a local guy I know measured its chip implementatio and it kicked the shit out of my 3k+ headphone amp dac stack which I thought was debatable.

Well, it does kick the living shit out of it at 2500 dollars less.

Its incredible. If you use USB connection for your music it has a custom driver set and the latest XMOS fully optimized and sounds better than any wacky galvanic iso shite I’ve tried.

THe native headhpone output better that my 1k plus stand alone amp – but will only work right with high impedence phones because the ohm load is 10 or something and coloration will be had if resistance is less than 8 times that. .

Anyhow buy this if you got a 4 pin XLR high impedence headphone, USB fed via wasapi or some such. It sounds as good as anything out t

listened to the Yuja rach ligeti concert someone recently posted and immediately felt different about the experience. Was not lack of energy it was dark tonality and longing or something. And the recording sounds superb with the added detail!!

Interesting… Thanks!

Man, I didn’t understand any of that. I listen to all my music through a UE Boom speaker which probably cost about 100 bucks. :whale:

I use sennheiser momentum’s and a HiFime Sabre 9018 USB DAC.
The DAC set me back $35 or something and is the most value per dollar I’ve ever gotten in regards to sound. Did any of you guys try it?

Good DACs are becoming ridiculously inexpensive. I’m still really curious on the LG V30 (and will pick up the V40 when it releases later this year) which I’ve heard people - even enthusiasts - say is the best portable music player on the market. The circuit in it has also been ported to a few stand alone units recently, the cheapest of which is as little as $99.

Not only DACs for that matter - I bought a pair of IEMs a few years ago for about $70 which are also outstanding. Although there I don’t doubt Sennheiser’s $1k model for instance will be still better, but I really think it’d be x1.1 in performance for x14 in price.

I have headphones I got the other day… for a dollar.

No I am not kidding

That’s maybe a little too… I think you’d find a good quality/price ratio somewhere around $50 today. Maybe even less. The problem with IEMs though is that it’s such an overcrowded market - finding which of all the headphones are the good ones and suitable for your needs is probably more of a challenge than the eventual price tag on them.

It’s a great time with delta sigmas getting better. The Dx7s let’s you choose which filter to use sort of like a teac. The linear fast roll perfecto for piano. Reading the manual for the ESS chip in the Dx7s - there are a lot of power saving settings makes me think it was targeted for mobile devices… but this implementation rocks

I don’t think I really need it? Question is if that will stop me :slight_smile:

Yeah, speed seems to be a good idea in general with piano. Same with mics - fast ones perform better than slow ones.

I have a decent over-ear pair for like $50, but it is too clunky

Agreed. I almost always use IEMs today as well (although that I sold my over-ears could have something to do with it…).

If I get something like fattyfatman’s new toy however I’ll want a pair of HD600s.

You paid too much.

I also got these mofos:


Your photo’s too small.

Now it is :smiley:


Thanks man.
I post all my shit from my phone, formatting gets fucked.

Btw… does anyone browse on the computer anymore? I don’t

Thanks. Now the nastiness of your fingertip is minimized.