Trumofo Vs. Canadian: Round 1 … amcanadian

tru … amcanadian

You don’t even need to do a poll, man. I know I iz a cock, I have a bad taste for recordings, and I iz a horrible student. Randomly, I didn’t know how to act in September 2005, and I spammed dis forum up as trumofo.

C’mon man, you’ve said you will have a truce, keep your word, please. I am not talking shit about you now, after dat video I posted.

Hey man, I don’t mean any harm, just forgive me already. We can’t stay enemies, if I don’t hate you back. You iz a cool dude.


“Don’t respect mofoz dat don’t respec you”

Ancient chinese proverb

Nah, but I don’t want him to hate me, especially that I’ve changed now.

Besides, he called a truce, and I believe him.

:tm: will records more Liszt soon :smiley:

i think trumofo needs a second chance, regardless of his recordings, because he has proven dat he can act maturely in dese recent weeks (even tho dere were sum silly outbursts) and he iz trying very hard. the guy iz 15, and iz learning to grow up and can not do dis without cooperation from us older peepz (well, i iz only 17, but still).


dun worry trumofo, even if da chriz learnz to rezpect u, dere vil always be more hate to go around 8)