Trumofo'z epic fake-rudy Prick 6 (live)

You witnessed dis gensui live.

I still resent da fact dat you didn’t give moi da blunt ya had with you 8)

Classic! 8)


mannnnn diz kind of fakerudy vil only happen if u force yozelf into a FEI-FEI ztylee clean cut interp

if da zepp played da prick6 lyk diz, at dat exact point where u ztopped, da zepp wud be thinkin:

“daiiiim diz gonna be da cleanezt zepp perf evah, rezpec mazelf” 8)


Da trumofo wuz contemplating quitting da 88 aftah but I went ahead and played all da auditions etc dat year like a mofo 8)

But harshly, because of this experience - I always think of this fuckup before I go on stage. This was sum traumatizing event man.

I wish I was gang raped by 4 men wiz thick dongs instead of experiencing dat epic fakerudy on stage.

Or 4 hot trannies in which case I’d have to pay them! 8)

To think about that before every stage performance must be rough.

Yeah man. I just tell myself - dun lose yo head and never stop 8)

It is good to be aware of da abyss of failure.
Da fakerudy out of da bottomless pit of mediocracy awaits patiently. Be aware and alert! 8)

Failure isn’t an abyss. Everyone fails. It’s how you recover that determines your fate.

Pozz. Dat prick 6 tho. Dat sheeyat was a mind altering experience. I never had any sort of memory slip before that. Ever. Not once.

And then to get that?


You’re a human being TM. I know that shizzle was traumatizing and traumas have a way of sticking around but keep performing in public and that experience will take up less space in yo psyche.


da zheeyat iz

i think window-openah level fuckupz zhudn’t be in da zame category az tru FAKERUDYz :sunglasses:

bazically it juz zoundz lyk da TRUMOFO own hi ztandardz got in da way of zum mild rape :sunglasses:

ok, ok. I’ll shut up, now!

Not at all

In dasdc, everyone can speak any sheeyat, any time. 8)

Hahaha da window openah

Or jus storm off da stage and complain da 88 is out of tune, as suggested by da zepp!

hahaha ENJOY

hahahah i once had an awful memo zlip in tha brotha 110 2nd aria after tha firzt fugue and juz randomly improvized my way into crezcendoing g majah chordz :sunglasses:

ther iz a rec i cud pozt if i do zum rezearch n find it

Haha, if you could have recovered, you’d barely notice it. I actually can’t remember the piece that well and only realised once the gensui splashing started.

I’ve never stopped but my 2 worst ones were in the Bolcom rag where I fugged the opening 8 bars so just stuck it on a loop and went back to the beginning. And an epic mother at the end of the Brahms Handel where I lost the 3rds at the start of the pedal point near the end so just kept the pedal f going until I reached the chords after that :rudy:

Do you guys know the causes of your memory lapses? For me it was always nerves, which caused me to not trust that my fingers knew where to go in rapidly moving music. No amount of structural or harmonic awareness ever allowed me to prevent this kind of lapse, although I could always get out of it instantly with the ‘skip ahead’ technique.

Nope. I’m starting to think that it’s just live performance. I can know every note in my head and still have some slight hesitation from nerves that will screw something up.
I think repeat performances of a piece help, to get more comfortable with it on stage. Lupu tried out programs in country UK before heading to larger European venues.

Nerves suck. I never got over it. I think it’s from caring too much, because the best performance I ever gave was my left hand only graduation sheeyat, where I really did not give a fuck.

Fo moi it was banging da 88 so hard that I forgot whut flat celestial plane I wuz on :sunglasses: