trying to get into da opera

hahha i juz automatically azzumd da jfletch iz tha tm :dong:

nah, his grammar is too good, haha.

wayyy too pretty and human-like to be Jiang Qing

randomly does anyone have the video of trumofo going berzerk? i hate how the links are hosted on sites like sendspace, and die out so quick

I never seen it

ahaha diz iz lyk da nazi zayin we hate da jewz, zo lez befriend da ztalin. tiz vil not end well :noztradazepp: 8)

yeah I have a DVD of Die Soldaten, pretty excellent. It’s basically Wozzeck. But MAXIMALIZED

i’ve accompanied on piano basically the whole opera, recitative and aria and all. it’s good; if you work from a piano-vocal score most of the texture is still there, and there aren’t too many lines in a full score, unlike wagner.

however - i started wagner with tristan und isolde, there’s also an excellent book you can read by roger scruton ( … 0195166914), it gives very good background on the whole of wagner’s oeuvre on top of just tristan und isolde.

and…WTF ZIMMERMAN. he’s one of my favourite composers but it’s very hard to find music by him in my country.

Mahbadzelf recently attended da Otello 'n da Maztah Singahs. Both tru gensui!

da random bump 8)

moi iz workin as repetiteur now fo a producshn of l’elisir d’amore

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Is it good work?
I’d be interested in rehearsing singers/dancers.
I’m guessing you’d have to be a very quick study though, which I’m not.

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it pays okay, though i should really be earning more than i am atm…

it’s true, there’s lots of sight reading, and you have to deal with vocalists, which many people say are among the most temperamental. i guess they are my favourite kind of soloist though, so i have no problems in that area.