two yearz youngah?

i hav da chance to hook up wit diz soph. at diz otha school. but shes two years youngah den me.

do i tap diz? :pimp:

lessee a pic

why tah fuck wud u azk? U wud tap any zheeyat whu breatehd n had titz

Half your age, plus seven.

this thread iz worthlezz wizout pix 8)

hahaha jihad luk at it thiz way.

uv only got very lil tym befo u turn 18
n zhe becummah jailbiat 8)

choose cock

of course, if you are not eighteen…

no picz, i dun want you guyz jackin off to diz shit

then we cant help you.

i doubt if mah giant bro will even erect.


i can harzhly confirm thiz

HAHAHA fuckk da catz harshnezz :laughing:

da harshnezz of saturday

nah da catz iz lying. def more hittable den da jihad chic and gymp girl

and i already made my decizion yestrday

EDIT: i will pozt a pic if it iz sumhow not viewable by da google/outzide world

if u doez i will host it n expose it 2 da world

zhreddah i blieve tha propah tactik here iz fo u to reazzure him nonmofoz vill not c dis pic…n den after he pozt it then you expoze tha zheeyaytt uzah tha reverze pzyckology rape method :doc:

i believe da shreddah haz officially reduzed chancez of diz pic to zero :stop:

create a topic in the sdc recs sec and restrict it for friends only.

da tru way