tym foh a nu top 5 penizez thread

hahaha fo sdc ZPIRIT I vil add
da DUCH n da :lib:

Hahaha yeah, unless the score asks for less than FF

“Gheylord??!?!” NO FUCKIN’ WAY!!

Pozz alts to “Bullet”: Castro/CUBA(H)

Or “Shoemaker” (if anybody gets that reference from famous quote of his)

Not Gheylord…too many fuckin’ orgazmatrons on the piano bench these days and/or penists dressing like Brian fucking Boitano.

I am sticking to da BULLET. Az fer gheylord iiwii a ghey nick to rival da worzt of da zepp creationz. 8)

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altho zhorly twuz not me who cummah up wiz da GHEYLORD :comme:

i hearby demand tha GHEYLORD/BULLET nick officially changd to tha ORGAZMO 8)

WTF?! explain uself niggah

hahaha i dun know azk tha dsch :kan:

sheeyat… I meant dat da BULLET has LEGEND MASTAH status…is disrespec putting GHEYLORD on him.

Too many ghey “orgazmo” penists out there (Dongah, dat new Russian Dongovich, Fazil Say, Feghali, etc.) that could get the GHEY (or ORGAZMO) title than to disrespec DA CUBAH.

I dun c da dizrezpec of da “GHEYLORD” when u iz GHEY 8)

,and u suck

tru but tiz juz a randomly lame nick. :bullet:

pfft :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha daim whu cud x-pekt such gaynezz from da :zhreddah: ??


hahahahahaha k wtf? 8) :comme:

ahaha dis thread u fuckah 8)

diz aint no thread 8)

  1. :dong:
  2. :ziff:
  3. :rectum:
  4. :wood:
  5. :whale:

u have chosen the right no.1.


[size=200][color=cyan]May da zpirit b wif yo.[/size]