underappreciated pieces/composers

For the first time, I heard Rzewski - The People United Will Never Be Defeated recorded by Hamelin

WOW amazing piece

u iz a bit slow… :comme:

Medtner, Bortkiewicz, Liadov, Lypaunov, Glinka, Byrd, Teleman, Reger, Henselt, Alkan, Ornstein, Ives, Percy Grainger(nice arrangments and trans), Messiaen, Ligeti, Barber… shits like that…

tiz an amazing piece, but not by :doc: .
listen to ursula oppens or da rzewsku himself bust this sheeyat out.

to add: balakirev, godowsky, kapustin, henselt…

da henselt is already there.

how could i forget kapustin, my fav modern composah??? his variations and 2nd sonata are my favorite pieces of his and need to be played more.

Nice list by SMD. Just wanna add Roslavets, Tveitt and Sæverud.

-da Meph

got ursula

great rec

and yes i was slow

Kapustin etudes are some of my favorites

a lot of students at my school are doin Kapustin

maybe Alkan would be bigger if he had performed more.

He performed very little, but those who saw him … were :open_mouth:


I have never heard ANYTHING by alkan or henselt or kasputin…any recs?

Get the fuck out?

----no really, GET THE FUCK OUT!!!

j/k :smiley: