Chopin op.9 no.1 converted.zip (1.12 MB)

try raising the fukkin volume




much fury n much moizta ruinin by insipid bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing n no volume

i’m surprised


fuuuckkk da comme can play?

i didnt lyk a lot of da rubato dat you used in da beginning (too sl*w), although da dynamics were pretty good, but try n make more contrast on da part with da constant bass arpeggioz rite before da return of da first theme

I heard a wrong note. Or actually, 2 wrong notes. But since that pattern is repeated 4 times in the piece, you played 8 wrong notes.

8 wrong notes.

And a couple of more.

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I liked it. I think you use rubato originally and to go good effect. The volume changes and accents are surprising, but work…somehow.

Good job! :wink:

Hahahaha da Harshness of da Scrib

hahh diz is a good rec for sho, i agree with everything da firestone sayz, othaz have no fuckin idea what they are talking about 8)

Hahaha, actually, I think it was a good performance. I just didn’t like da rubato.

iz dat you comme ? I CAN:T HEAR SHEEEEEEYAAT MOFO !
hahahaha da memoriez… diz is one of the first piecez that I learned nd played along with chopgodz RESPEC da young chop 8)

diz performance iz admittedly wikid


i learned dis piece halfway n randomly didin’t evah finish, which is sad :frowning:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA da comme finally realizez where hiz ‘strengthz’ r 8)

imprezzed? 8)

Not as impress as by diz guy


FO SHOR. yo m*zicality incurz much jealouzy 8)

choppy sheeyat

hahahah diz file ztill exiztz :sunglasses:

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