Updates of the Gieseking set from Melo

This was posted on their FB today:

We have received many messages regarding our Walter Gieseking project for which we have waited several years to produce this set, hoping to be able to discover further broadcast recordings of Gieseking. The scope of this project has been extended to the fact, that we have discovered recently more rare radio performances, that have never been released in any format at all including new videos. In order to be a foretaste of what will be available soon, the following example illustrates two recorded live performances of Walter Gieseking during his tour in Australia in 1952. Both part of a major delayed release around December 2017. Other major rarities will be included as well.

The poster they displayed is a concert from Apr 26, 1952, playing Brahms PC2 with the Victorian SO and Juan Jose Castro.

It is great to know that this long-waited set will eventually be published this year, hopefully. Rumors once said the project was killed due to copy right issues…

this is major news indeed. Wonderful!

daim, a complete Brahms 2 from 1952! FUCK YES.

I look very much forward to it, too! And some filmed footage is included as well!

A complete Brahms 2… WOW!
The incomplete 1942 performance is one of the strongest ever made of this piece IMHO

they found a TON of other performances new to the discography too… jeez

Any details?

they will have the Liszt Legenda No. 2 on there from 1940’s tru, also da Libestraume 3, Tchaik 1, Brahms 2 and sum 4 hand 88 playin

should be out this month!!!

Still dying to see a list of the contents

yeah well, soon we’ll actually HEAR the contents 8)

Release date is pushed back yet again.
They have found even more stuff.

Well, I just wish it will be released in 2018:)

it probably will be.
but, we’ve waited for the Marston Hofmann Volume 9 for 10 years, and it was a bit meh.
This - this is gonna be certifiably LEGENDARY.

I wish they would issue 2 or 3 smaller boxes, instead of waiting longer to release the “ultimate” Gieseking box…

but maybe they will get a grammy for this, who knows.