Ur New Year's Resolution (2007)

:dong:…datz rite !!!

Tell da truth and be honest yo yoself.


mine new yr’s resolution is pozz a significant increase in wealth. i iz expecting a 10-15% rate of return on moi family assets by da end of 2007 after a huge investment. also, i iz applying to several colleges and hopefully moi will be accepted.

i iz randomly applying to a few grad schools in england too. tru, i will burn da cumme house down.

Lastly, Happy New Year to all u mofoz and hoping that this cummah new year leads you mofoz towards path of new found glories and bring many great opportunities your way to explore every joy of life.

Best wishez,

mah rezolution iz fo winnin tha SDC compet :rudy:

even tho i iz a zheeyat peniz i vil attempt to pull thiz off by being on da jury fo zaid comp

u iz officially unqualified.


az far az piano goez, I want to improve da battling tech. Also continue to save up for a piano.

in school, well juzt try to get by with decent gradez, I’m finding it hard to give a damn since I dont see myself az either a lawyer or banker at this stage. I might get electivez this year so it might be more fun.

in general, try to have a better year than this year which waz terrible.

Also wishing every mofo a happy and safe new year, if getting drunk (tru) avoid tha vaguenezz if pozz. Uber rezpec to all yall, may da :ziff: be with yo.

I want to learn a Medtner Sonata this year.

Hopefully Reminiscenza, but probably one of the early sonatas.

fuck, all tha seriouz answerz

i’d like to learn the Quasi Faust from :kan: zon this year; it vill probably be sheeyat but i iz sure i enjoy da attempt

I hope to rule the Berg Sonata.

If not, then at least attempt it in 1 months time.

im hopin to be in da finalez of da arthur rubinstein in memoriam competition and da paderewski competition. but theze in poland and now me prof. thinkz of some other compz outzide da corrupted tru poland. and hoping to play with as many orchestras as it is possible . to learn az much variouz rep az i can. but deze are da pianistic resolutionz. but mainly to start becuming a tru artizt (and get zome $ btw) .
AND for da nationz to becum a better safer place full of dru damn right mofoz. haha. Do zome charity in my city if i have tym. but zeemz to idealistic.
anyway. ALL YOU MOFOZ , DA LOVED and DA HATED by da ZUPAH . HAPPY NEW YEAR and let it always be joyful and muzical for you.
PS. i randomly want to get along and make peace pact wif da mofoz im argued wif including da SDC onez. ( generally da Chriz and da Koji)

REZTECPA ! be diz 2007 git for all of uz tru !

True, 2007 should start with a clean slate. Anyone who reads Murakami is cool in my book. Best wishes to your musical endeavours (and that also goes for everyone in the forum).


get a www.fleshlight.se 8)


u mofos read murakami? norwegian wood, dude.

Tru da norwegian wood iz ztill me favorite … but at the moment im re-reading Dansu Dansu Dansu now and it still feels fresh and great… i just love his books but i havent read all of them yet . but i will !

Check out his newest set of short stories: After the Quake–great, great stuff.



n make 30-40k in poker&sports betting :kritty:

applying fo a random schools n embarrasing maself on da conservatory auditionz :whale:

put da BUZH on trialz den kill him!

I iz going to make 2 cdz i hope. Lofty planzzz argh.

truness, da zupah has my respect back 8)

randomly, i don’t have any new year’s resolution. I like how i’m doing now so i guess i’ll just try to keep up with that. hmm, my resolution is trying to keep up with my life then 8)

ohyeah, and being able to play the funerailles octaves section without breaking a sweat :slight_smile:

haha…anima, for new yr’z rez, u shud be praying for da return of your bag.


tha robo pozz vil attempt szum quit zmokin genzui