Van Cliburn Competition 2009

He just got dropped by DG and replaced by Yuja Wang. Frankly I don’t see all the fuss about DG, it went to the dogs years ago.

Anderszewski made a name for himself because he pulled out of the leeds comp. Kissin is just a genius prodigy (although given the way he plays these days I can’t understand his continued success). Volodos I think was very lucky to be heard by a sony exec (although he does have a massive tech which always help). In any case I certainly don’t envy any young pianist trying to get noticed, you only have to read youtube comments to see how little most classical fans know these days. I’ll still be watching the Cliburn though.

yuja wang is probably a more interesting musician than li

Me too.

apparently you didn’t catch the irony in my statement :whale:

Definitely…Yundi Li’s Mozart is so aweful in comparison…heard some live recording of him and also the Mozart’s Sonata on his Vienna Recital CD.


Was Yundi Li really dropped? That seems so dramatic!

i think the term used on the official DG documents is “pwnt”

That’s really fascinating! I wish I could find something about it online. According to the DG website, he is still an artist there? I suppose not renewing his contract would not be something they would wish to publicize…

pogo is supposedly still an artist there too… so clearly it’s not just the “active” artists

Hmm, that is a very good point! It would be so fascinating to hear another Pogorelich project these days. His recent recordings from concerts are pretty unusual to say the least. Everything has become, if possible, even more extreme!

cue chris’s pogo comment


when are they going to publish the repertoire that everyone is playing? i’m really curious to see what da stormin mormon has on his program this time around

I hope he deploys his Hammerklavier! It is very impressive!


2 hammys (new warhorse in comps.)

3 gaspards

1 festin d esope

2 rach3

2 beeth5

1 rach1

2 chopnoctz

2 brapags

1 prok7

2 lisztson

2 moz20

1 bra1

1 petrushka

1 waldstein

4 chopets

3 pimpets

3 rockets

1 random mofo attemping rare obscure pieces in program. pozz kicked in semifinal

3 scarlattison

3 prick2s

0 Medtner Sonatas

more than 3 gaspards

What Label is Yundi Li recording for now then? if any… :slight_smile:

The tru master is Rafal Blechacz anyways, who instantly won an Echo Award (German) for his first album.

master of what?

Of sound, interpretation, clarity in sound, etc :slight_smile: