[vid] Liszt: Valse on 2 motives from Lucia et Parisina

diz random prax room footage I juz found on my zlow azz comp.
It can’t even play a standard def SUZU film wizout having a seizure. :stop:

Rare Liszt, rezpek! What brought you to this piece?

Rezpek da tuning also. I use badtempered klavier tuning here too.

Da Buzoni piano roll of course!

Haha, da school pianos. I’m happy they are puting the 42k a year that the rich Chinese girls are paying to study with that frauds on the faculty - to good use 8)

My new avatar, btw:

Too bad it is only visible to me 8)

Rezpek da fury, not so much da piece! :pimp:

Ever played the Faust Valse?

Nope, my Liszt rep is (works I played in public at least once).

Concerto No 1
Sonata in B minor
Mephisto Waltzes 1 and 2
Valse Melancolique (version 2)
Der Nachtliche Zug
Wienen Klagen Zorgen Zagen (prelude)
La Lugubre Gondola I, II
Hungarian Rhapsodies 9 and 11
Trannyscendental Etude No 8

Tranny’s Wish (Chopin)
Widmung (Schumann)
Rigoletto (Verdi)

I’ve worked on, but never performed these:

Don Carlos, Ernani (Verdi)
Rondeau fantastique sur un thème espagnol “El Contrabandista”
Transcendental Etudes 4, 7, 10, 12
Spanish Rhapsody
Totentanz (wiz orchestra)
Liebestod (Wangah)
Die Forelle, Erkonig (standard versions)
Paganini Etudes 2, 3, 6 (da revised version, not the Gangrape)
La leggierezza
Polonaise No 2
Grand Galop Chromatique

Not a whole ton, but a decent cross section.

Not even scratching the top of my favorite Liszt rep.
(Not even close to Zkepto’z massive rep 8) )

When I play everything sounds dissonant anyway.

It was the untouched Liszt original aside from one note which I add in da final chord, tho not in this rec (wtf)

rezpet da TM penis skillz

You should try out the robbah the devil paraphrase!


da TRUMOFO effortlezz tech, bazically elevate diz lazy pimp compo to a liztenable zheeeyat :sunglasses:


bazed on da FURY in da TRUMOFO eyez in dat moment

i can confidently carbon-date diz vid to

pre TRUMOFO-canadian truce


Tru, I enjoyed this.

Just loses da tru mark of approval coz of lack of legendary fingering.
Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.46.15 pm.png


fuckkkkkk did da KRITTY hack yo account? 8)

randomly da 24-24 iz da only majah PIMP TECH INNOVATION nevah employed by modern day mofoz

diz bazically a LOZT TECH, a penizdick atlantiz tru 8)

I alwayz if da Zifff did 24 24 in da zepp :ziff:


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen da CAMELDICK Employ sum 2-4 2-4 sheeyatz 8)
Pozz I iz wrong…