Vladimir Krainev dies




just zaw him 2 yearz ago in a masterclass teaching da prok 8… daim…

just zaw him 2 yearz ago in a masterclass teaching da prok 8… daim…

I’ve heard terrible things about Krainev - apparently he treated one of his female students so badly she suffered a total breakdown and spent a whole year in hospitals, rendered unable to play the piano…so, if this is true, I somehow can’t feel sad about his demise.

Gotta admit…I don’t know much Krainev. Only seen him in a German documentary named “Russlands Wunderkinder” where he was present in a short scene and was giving a lesson to a student. Later on they showed an old video excerpt of him plying Tchaikovsky’s Dumka which later made me pick up that exact same piece :slight_smile:


I have never heard anything like that about him, on the contrary: as far as I can see, he has always been much loved and admired. He has certainly formed many remarkable pianists who all have their own style (which is something you cannot say for every teacher, however many prizes their students may win). The day after his death I heard a recital of one of his students, Ilya Rashkovsky, who dedicated his concert to him. If you listen to the gala opening of the Rubinstein Competition, you can hear Igor Levit say some fond words about honouring his memory etc.: http://www.arims.org.il/competition2011/pages/english/media_archive.php?stage_id=1&gala_id=2

I dunno from a direct experience, but I was at his masterclass (closed-door one, only about 15 people there). And he was very patient and expressive with the description in how to play Prokofiev (the 8th sonata to be precise). So I think I will incline to think that you are correct, he is also regarded as one of the greatest Russian piano school teacher in our time.

Here is a wonderful interpretation of the 2nd Chopin scherzo by him:

prok 8 iz bazically tha bezt prkzon :lib: :doc:

We also seem to have lost Rian de Waal yesterday. And Nikolai Petrov has had a stroke and is on life support. Lots of sad losses…





da Petrov wuz a fucking legend


oh god, this is terrible. i was just listening to both of these guys the other day.

holy shit

i was seriously planning on going to a masterclass of Rian de Waal

wtf is this