Volodos 2010

Its going to be interesting to hear Volodos’ new program -

Chopin : Nocturne en si majeur opus 62 n°1
Chopin : Mazurka en si mineur opus 33 n°4
Chopin : Prélude en ut dièse mineur opus 45
Chopin : Polonaise en fa dièse mineur opus 44
Liszt : Bagatelle sans tonalité
Liszt : Harmonies du soir, extrait des “Douze Études d’exécution transcendante”
Liszt : Saint François de Paule marchant sur les flots, légende n°2
Schumann : Grande Humoresque en si bémol majeur opus 20
Schumann : Carnaval de Vienne opus 26

Looking forward to this… especially the Chopin and Liszt

Where are you seeing this proramme?

This years La Roque d’Antheron. He and Sokolov are playing on the same day at the exact same time! The 2 Id most want to see and Id have to choose between them!!

Lucky! Write a review?

That’s an easy choice for me :slight_smile:

em, i kinda think this program would suck for da Vol

wow, da vol finally playing Chop.

U going to la roque? what dates? I’m there 23rd July - 3rd August.

ahahaha diz prog a bit zleep brb tru

I find this interesting. I always felt that Vol is the pianist who is most “similar” to Sokolov, for example with regard to his stunning virtuosity, command of fine shades of tone, and overall “sound”. Sokolov is in general a more creative and interesting player IMO, but then he is much older and I have the impression that Volodos has the potential to become as great a pianist as Sokolov. I admit that until relatively recently, I was not really bowled over by Volodos’ playing, but I feel he is getting better and better.
This characterisation may be completely wrong, of course, I ain’t no musician.

Volodos deserves respect for tackling such serious repertoire pieces. The Chopin in particular is brave. I don’t think that polonaise can be played any more electrifying than Horowitz, but chances are he will give a worthwile performance of it that is also more pianistically perfect.