wagner/liszt tannhauser overture (aka your daily dose of CG)

:pimp: :pimp: :pimp:


nice! This piece is a monster. Sounded like you played an ossia that I haven’t heard anyone else do (I didn’t follow with the score so I can’t be sure).
Just randomly, where are you going to put this in your programme? this is something that I’ve been wondering about with this piece; it is an overture afterall, but would probably function better as a recital closer.

fuccckkkk nice octs! :ho:

sure, it’s definitely a closer. it’ll go at the very end, after china gates, waldstein and the crumb christmas suite.

it’s still a work in progress now, but i have a few more weeks to get it in better shape.


daim, those 6:50 (part 2) RH tremolo scales are a BITCH to play

very nice phrasin~

btw, I was never comfortable pedalling barefeet…

ahahhahh TRU tha barefoot CG but tha playin iz WIKID :ziff:

much rezpec :gav: