We don't say gensui any more- it's now GESNUI

in accordance with SDC policy, since rob haz misspelled “gensui” as “gesnui”, and dis misspelling itself is comedic gesnui, we muzt all now say gesnui.

couldn`t lack more cg.

-da Meph

i randomly second dat

CG derived from lack of CG. classic CG equation.


hahah i dun undahstand…i hav nevah mispelld a word in mahbadselfs life

fuck wut a terrible comeback. sorry try again:

-da Meph

haah tiz da comme’s formula. 8)

mispelld —> misspelled.

you’re 2 letters shy, but i still love ya smooch

ok. comeback:

you’ve been around da SDC forevah yet you still haff no title cuz few people like you because you’re a mean and callous human being, not to mention you contribute almost nothing to the board besides asshole comments dat nobody but yourself wants to hear.

titles are ovahrated. I’d rather have a 20 inch peniz befo new yearz 8)

the rezt remains unarguable tho.

randomly :ziff:

give me mah ziffro!!! :ziff: :ziff: :ziff: :ziff: :ziff: :ziff: :ziff: :ziff: :shrimp:

hahaahahhahahahahaa. and he just can`t stop can he. when the man has nothing to say why not just change the subject. ahahahah yuor patetic.

as foh everything else u said well I have actually posted sum stuff lyk some gould films and much sheetmusic pluss some arrau film and more.

-da Meph

blatant change of subject- “yuor patetic”

love it.

ahaahahh you are so funny ahhahaha. mah bad slef cant stop laughing. and just foh da record diz da sdc not. mah bad slef spelld it correctly u fuckah.

again lousy come back.

-da Meph

stop arguing you mofoz. 8)

or alternatively, step your arguing up to a different level of ruthlezznezz.


no u didnt. can you play da 88?

eh yes,
-da Meph