website critiques?

pozz, i just made this fucking around with iweb. tell me if it sucks and what could be improved:

looks awesome dude! cant wait to hear these new performances (i dont think youve posted some of them here)

as far as additions go, maybe add a (selected) repertoire list, even though you do make some mention in your bio. the site looks great though, i think.

I like the simple design. I also agree about the rep list.
You could use larger font for the Biography, at least i feel i would like to have them bigger in my 15 inch 1680x1050 laptop screen… but i can do that with the explorer anyway…

the pictures for Appearances Hear See Press Kit could be larger like those of Biography and Welcome… i dont know what else to say… pretty nice website! :stop:

I concur with what’s been said, the font could be larger (pozz choose a diff one?) and rep list. I couldn’t get the press kit to work, but the problem is probably on my end.

tru choose verdana font

did u remove frame bordah?

That’s a pretty sick Oiseaux Exotiques you’ve got going there…

Da HOS–gensui


thanks for the help, mofos. def appreciated

i added a new section - hall of shame :whale: :whale:

Hahaha, you need to tell us who played that Liszt. (Or are they all you ? :open_mouth: )

hahahha man… i dont know if this is, strategically speaking, a good section for your website…
but its fun 8) 8) 8) 8)

haha, it’s not me. i only wish i were capable of that level of failure. 8)

hahah daim…

da Beethoven, i haff heard dat part in da lez adeuix iz inzanely awkward

and da Pimpzon… jeezuz, juzt painful

are thoze live perf?

hahahah dat pimp iz rudy-level!!! :smiley: brilliant CG

pozz one of the worst cases of total memoryloss ive ever heard. I just dont see how its possible to learn the pimpzon so badly that you forget even basic chords like Bb major in the start of the octave section. wow.

simple and clear wabsite… sry i dunno much in making a website. who’s this pianist btw?

Well it turns out I am more than capable:

I crapped the bed the rest of way through that mov and followed up by playing the last mov flawlessly at as fast a tempo as I’d ever attempted. Go figure.

LOL, I love the fact that you go on though, there’s nothing worse than actually stopping.

rezpect chris

I’ve had shit like that happen to me too. Piano is fucked.

I never had to put up with that on violin.

I saw Pollini massacre the Liszt son. LOTS of improvisation… but he had 8 encores. We’re all human.

I’m actually about to start a crazy tech/eartraining/sightreading/theory/improv practice schedule in order to hopefully help me overcome situations like this and help overall musicianship. I also found a kickass improv classical book (the only one i could find online) if anyone’s interested.

ruby was a master of the improv-your-way-out-of-disaster tech.

The best way to avoid this shit is to analyze harmonically what happens, go through it really REALLY slow without stopping and be able to start anywhere in the piece, in any measure. Do this a few times and you are guaranteed from massive failures 8)

To be as safe as possible I think you should be able to write the score out, and play each hand separately from memory. But who has the time to memorise that thoroughly.

post diz pls.