What did Chopin feel about Alkan and vica verca?

These mofos lived lived in Paris and both wuz virtousos and wrote OK piano music. But what did they feel about eacother. Since da comme and da Jake pretends as if they are Alkan experts does yah know what these 2. rate mofo pretend composers thought about eacother. Chopin hatet every othah composers but if mah bad self aint wrong he actually liked da Alkan. Could I get this confirmed?

-da Mephisto

not sure, i dont know much about Alkan n Chopin connections :frowning:

i’ve read Liszt “biography” n Liszt admired Chopin, but Chopin didn’t lyk Liszt much, but they were still good friends

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Though apparently a warm, if somewhat shy, young man, Alkan developed into a notorious misanthrope and hermit in his later years. During his periods of seclusion he wrote much of his daunting and beautiful music while slowly shedding his early friendships with Hugo, Delacroix, Sand, Dumas, Liszt, and others in that glittering circle.

his new friend Frédéric Chopin. Chopin (who rarely enthused about anyone) was much taken by Alkan’s pianism and compositions. Moreover, the two found each other convivial company and occasionally performed together. They also shared piano students from the pampered classes, which arrangement would certainly have benefited Alkan, as lessons with Chopin were exceptionally expensive.


maybe i shud read dis sheeyat, coz i haven’t found any book/other sheeyat from Alkan, n i’d like to know more about him

therez no way to know for sure… unless u ask chopin or alkan … that iz ALL SPECULATION …

meph : alkan and chopin both wrote OK piano music ?


hahahah random

I only wrote that to make comme mad at me. I love both da Chop and da KAN. But da meph has a twisted mind :smiling_imp: :imp:

-da Meph

da meph also apprently writes to please whoever happens to listen to him

why dun you make up your mind and stick wid it, Sto


chopin mentioned alkan on hiz deathbed - he told sum mofoz to give a special pozition to da KAN

da chop thought very highly of da KAN

n alzo, da liszt highly regarded much of alkanz output

n of courze, buzoni ranked alkan along wit chop shoe brahmz n da pimp az da mozt wikid 88 compozaz since da BROTHA

They loved each other

da chop and kan been friend forever(unless da pimp which rumor claims he screwed a chick at chop’s apartment and didn’t clean up da love stain which directly ended da friendship, or da fact dat da pimp used to screw da Sand and purposely turned her into a TB and then introduce her to da Chop and make a pt dat da Chop was so gay, da best he can get with is a Lesbian)

but when da Chop died, he left da book of ‘method’ to only 2 of his friends, one of them is da Kan, da another one is a mediocre composer.

It showed dat da Chop cared and love da Kan.

-Fuck U Zepp

Da KAN and da CHOP were neighbors in Paris and were really good friends for many years. They often exchanged musical ideas, and influence of Chop can be seen in da music of KAN and vice versa…just notice the remarkable similarities between the last mvt of the Chop 2nd Sonata and the Hands Reunited Etude, which were composed at around the exact same time.

Here’s a funny anecdote:

The death of Chopin dramatically influenced the KAN’s development as a composer and person in general. After Freddy C kicked the bucket, the Kan didn’t have any person to turn to to discuss his CRAFT. He began conversing almost exclusively with all-but-forgotten composer Ferdinand Hiller for last decades of his life.

Smith doesn’t think that Sand was Delaborde’s mommy. I don’t either. It was probably some wealthy student of da kan’s.

And yes, da CHOP left KAN his students in his will, which was a sign of remarkable respect.

da Chop overcharges his students.

his students prolly were happy dat da Chop was dead and they were being transferred to da Kan.

hahah yep ic

n Liszt didn’t charge anything for hiz lessons 8)

*hot Female students. 8)

did da KAN compose his opus 76 at da same time as Chopin composed da 35!. 35…76!

Mah abd self haz always tought that piece was a ripp off.

-da Meph

The Kan was composed in 1838 or earlier, but was worked on until 1840.

The Chopin was composed 1839.

The style in which Alkan composed hands-reunited probably inspired Chopin for the finale of his 2nd Sonata. You’ll notice Chopin’s is more abstract and wild…but the idea wasn’t completely out of the blue. :wink:


that was the naming system

da Kan has composed that trios etude very early in his life. BUt it wasn’t published (for the insane difficulty reason), and it was published much later in his life, thus the big opus number.

(The above information was provided by da knowledgable comme like 1 year ago.)

tiz iz what i read too … altho it iz debatable

says so in the hamelin wilgmore hall CD liner notez