What happened to Da sdc shop?!?

dayum what?

:pimp: :laughing: 8)

da shop iz now da ROB

try to deal gud pricez wiz him

mart -
can u explain more eazily to mah-bad-self

i didn’t undahstand

tiz tru i am tha shop

i am selling vibrating mouths at a 1000% mark up than the listed price.

if u buy 3 however the 4th one iz free.


i haff 5 of diz vibrating mouthz, perhapz i wud give you a better deal den ROB



i randomly own two of these, dont remember buying them though.

zo why da shop iz ztill exizt?!???


:brotha: :kan: :ho: :rudy: :dong: :ziff: :lib: :doc: :comme: :rectum:

:da rob: :da rob: :da rob:

i remember buying one very early on (I think I was the first), and it appears to have been stolen…