which do u value mo - wrizt vz fingaz

hahahaha tru

  • i value zcalez n finga tech mo, da dexterity sheeyat
  • i value wrizt n octz n chord sheeyatz mo

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:ho: vz :bar:


Fast scalez n runz are more of a '“show-off” trick, while octz n chords take a lot mor work n dedication.

Quick and light finger work does it to me every time.

i prefer the seductive, sensitive touching and fingering followed by heavy breath-taking pounding which takes me to the climax.


da girth difference zpeakth fo itzelf 8)

I could do chords without wrist, they’d just be a bigger pain in the ass.

I couldn’t imagine being good without both though.

The closest I’ve seen is Lisitsa’s lack of wrist in the Chopin etudes… really impressive just fingers.


i hily recommend ‘vid tech analyziz 101/2’ 8)

all I know is her wrists are a mile above the keys, and it’s very hard to use wrist that high.

please study Lang Lang live in Carnegie Hall recital DVD (compulsary study material in SDC conservatory in Grade 1 Syllabus(, esp Don Juan Fantasy for the proper usage of ‘Wrist when hands iz WAY above keyboard’.

I prefer good fingers, but the octaves should also be decent.

fuckiong fingers, and writs

more fury will come!!!

me preferz a hammer :doc: :stop:


Fingers are better.

writsts, for the Mazeppa etude.