Which ETz wud U ratha attend in Concert? (poll)

Name yo choice PLUZ da pianizt u wud - in an ideal world - hear play dem :sunglasses:

  • Complete Chopetz :chop:
  • Complete :pimp: TEz
  • Complete Rocketz :rock:
  • Complete Zcribetz
  • Complete ChopGodz
  • Complete Liapunov TEz
  • Complete Alkan :kan: Op.39 etz in all minor keyz

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Complete TEz

It is a great cycle


Tru but to be fair dey all are :gav:

Da complete rockets definitely are not

I’d vote kanetz but it’s too long tbh.


Sumwut cuntroverzially I’m not sure I prefer da :pimp: TEz az a set to da liapetz.

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Hahah not wiz da right penizt :sunglasses:

Tru da KAN an EPIC undatakin and pozz bezt zpread ova 2 nightz?

da MALTEMPO in one fuckin zittin :sunglasses:

Rezurrect da :zif: for a full live liapetz :sunglasses: he wud haff played them like a god.

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hahaha tru da KANET zhud be commelevent + symph + conc + feztin in encore
da othah zheeyat u can cut :sunglasses:


TEs is my knee-jerk reaction too, but I have to say all the others except Rach and Chop are really compelling - if nothing else for the extreme rarity of such a program. Besides, I’ve already heard the TEs in recital.

Pianist - needless to say, in an ideal world, and for these works, my preference would be the composers.

9/12, that’s pretty good hit ratio anyway.

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I pozz zaw da complete chopet live 25 tym

n da TEZ 25 tym - all by da :whale:



haha tru da rhythm , devil zhitzo n overture are WIKID piecez but da weakezt ov da 12

da COMME a neglected maztapiece harzhly not even taken zeriouzly :sunglasses:

I think a 50z ZIFF COMME wiz whiplazh rhythmic inzanity wud be da definitiv interp

And you booted all of them of course?

Wut about da cumplete ZIFFETZ? :smiley:

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u forgot da…

LIGETZ :sunglasses:


Da full ZEPPetz performed by da zepp himzelf wud be unforgettable!


da MENTE mofo will be infuriated when he c diz poll :sunglasses:


Not as infuriated as he’ll be when da :wim: recz da cumplete CZERNetz. :lib:

Da Znorabji etz :x: