Which Music sounds most rewarding during Sl*w practice?

Many many workz only zound wikid when u get it up to full tempo

But inzpired by da BACHZCHOLAH n da WIM I haf wundered which piecez actually withztand playin at zl*w tempi via zitereadin or zlow tempo prax?

It wud haf to be a zheeyat dat haf harmonic richnezz

I haf found dat ZCRIABIN iz one ov da bezt fo diz


Da Ziff bee opening :stuck_out_tongue:

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tru, n chop az well!

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Ahahaha da COMME didn go fo da mo cuntroverzial thread title of:

Which fazt zong zound bettah when played zl*w? :snail: :sunglasses:

In which caze da zepp anzah wud be:

Chopzon2 mvmt1 :sunglasses:

Ve haff to be grateful to da WIM fo hiz rezearch here. He iz doing a gud job of eliminating pozzible sheeyatz.

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Brahms a bit too


Tru da 118/2 a clazzic

Most of Rachmaninov

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Wut’z zlow prax? @da_zepp

I wud haff thought dat da officially recommended sdc prax approach was “rape at fastah den marked tempo”.


Anything too hard for me to play

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I think that’s essentially Wim’s point :slight_smile:

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